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Industry Partners

Central Virginia IREM Chapter 38 Industry Partner Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to establish a framework with rules and regulations to administer the Industry Partner Program for Central Virginia IREM Chapter 38 (the “Chapter”). The Industry Partner Program is designed to foster professional relationships between the general membership of the Chapter and a variety of locally and regionally represented, reputable, quality service providers and/or other real estate related professionals. This program is designed to provide our Industry Partners with the privileges of limited association/participation in our Chapter activities and shall be governed by the Chapter’s Board of Directors.

To ensure that Chapter members have a diverse pool of potential service providers to meet their needs, it shall be the goal of the Chapter to encourage new potential service providers to apply to the Industry Partner Program as categories come up for renewal.

The following guidelines are established for the Chapter’s Industry Partner Program. These guidelines may be amended at any time by a quorum vote of the Board of Directors.

1. As affiliated members of the Chapter, Industry Partners are expected to demonstrate ethical behavior in their businesses consistent with industry standards. As such, the Industry Partner Program will be governed by and shall adhere to the IREM Code of Professional Ethics, a copy of which is available at

2. The Board of Directors reserves the right, at any time, to immediately terminate the affiliation between an Industry Partner and the Chapter if an Industry Partner fails to conform to and abide by the IREM Code of Professional Ethics. In the event an Industry Partner’s affiliation with the Chapter is terminated for this reason, the Industry Partner shall not receive any refund of its membership dues.

In the event an Industry Partner violates any of the rules or guidelines as established herein, it shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors to notify the Industry Partner, in writing, of the reason for termination. The INDUSTRY PARTNER Program shall be managed by committee which shall be made up of a chairperson and other members as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors, and will report to the Chapter President and the Board of Directors.

3. The vendor categories or professionals who are eligible to become an INDUSTRY PARTNER are as follows:

Architectural Firm
Contractor, Class A
Economic/Real Estate Research
Elevator/Escalator Maintenance
Employee/Resident Screening
Energy Savings
Environmental Services
Exterior Building Services

Financial Institutions
Firms and Computer Services
Floor Care
HVAC Contractor/Services
Insurance Provider
Interior Landscaping
Janitorial Services
Job Search/Personnel Recruiter
Lake/Pond Maintenance
Landscape Contractor
Life Safety
Metal/Wood/Stone Refinishing

Moving Company
Parking Lot Services
Parking Lot Sweeping
Restoration Contractor
Roofing Contractor
Specialty Products/Marketing
Supply Houses
Waste Removal
Water Treatment Services
Window Cleaning

The Board of Directors reserves the right to add and/or delete vendor categories at any time by a quorum vote of the Board of Directors.

4. The Board of Directors reserve the right to subdivide the Chapter into sub-regions further as needed to ensure that the entire geographic area of the Chapter is represented by Industry Partners that can provide services to the general membership in those sub-regions.

5. The annual Industry Partner fee shall be established by the Board of Directors. The 2023 annual fee structure shall be as follows:

Entire Geographic area $1,650.00

The Board of Directors reserves the right to change the fee structure and create additional sub-regions. A quorum vote of the Board of Directors shall approve such changes.

6. The Industry Partner term shall be for one (1) year.

7. The total number of Industry Partners shall not exceed twenty five (25%) of the total general membership of the chapter which includes CPMs, CPM Candidates, ACoMs, ARMs, Associates, and Student Members.

8. A prospective Industry Partner must be recommended by a Central Virginia IREM Chapter 38 CPM member in good standing. The proposed industry partner shall be recommended by way of the Industry Partner Application, which is found below.

9. The Industry Partner Application shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for review. Each Industry Partner Application will be reviewed on ethical conduct and appropriateness as an Industry Partner. Approval shall be determined by quorum vote of the Board of Directors.

10. When reviewing renewal applications for existing Industry Partners, the Board of Directors shall consider the level of involvement a current industry partner has had with the Chapter over the term of their membership as well as the length of time a current Industry Partner has been affiliated with the Chapter. A score card will be completed to rate the industry partner’s level of involvement and the value they bring to the Chapter members. The score card will measure the following:

  • Participation at General Membership Meetings (how many meetings did IP attend?)
  • Did IP sponsor Chapter Event?
  • How long has IP been affiliated with Chapter?
  • Does IP pay dues/fees in a timely fashion?

When practical, the Board of Directors shall extend membership opportunities to new potential industry partners that may be applying for the same category, however, such opportunities shall be extended at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors who also reserves the right to renew existing Industry Partners.

The Board of Directors shall annually review all Industry Partners scheduled for renewal, and shall have the sole discretion and authority to decline renewal or terminate an Industry Partner.

11. Upon approval as an Industry Partner, a welcome/acceptance letter with an invoice for the appropriate fee will be sent from the Chapter to the Industry Partner.

12. Provided that a potential Industry Partner has been recommended to the Board of Directors by a current CPM Chapter member in good standing, the potential Industry Partner may attend one Chapter general membership meeting free of charge (excluding the annual officer installation meeting/Holiday Gala, Golf Tournament, or Joint Social) prior to joining the Chapter as an Industry Partner.

13. As an incentive to help the Industry Partner Program grow and meet the needs of the Chapter membership, current Industry Partners in good standing will be given the opportunity to attend one Chapter general membership meeting free of charge (excluding the annual officer installation meeting/Holiday Gala, Golf Tournament, or Joint Social) for every new Industry Partner they recommend to the Industry Partner Program that is approved by the Board of Directors and pays their applicable Industry Partner fee.

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